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Our long aging in the production of cavas is another example of our philosophy, passion and fun in everything we do.

Do you want to know what our secret is?


For us, cava is an art, and like any work of art, it requires time and dedication. From the selection of the best grapes to bottling, each step is carried out with the utmost respect but, without a doubt, it is the coupage and aging that give life to our cavas. The party begins! Because long aging in the bottle is part of our essence. None of our cavas is disgorged before 18 months of aging (Reserva), and some are aged for up to 180 months. More than double what the Denomination of Origin requires to be considered a Gran Reserva! Impressive, isn't it? During the aging process, the cava evolves, the aromas and flavors intensify, they are enriched with nuances that you will never find in the young, and the bubble becomes creamier and more elegant. Let's say that cava acquires richness and personality and when you drink it you say: WOW! So the next time you open a bottle of JOVANI cava, let yourself be seduced by all the acquired aromas and flavors that will transport you to our land, where the sun and the breeze of the Mediterranean Sea to create something truly special. Cheers and enjoy!


Take a good look at our back labels. Because in them we give you detailed and personalized information on each of our bottles. You'll find:

1- the varieties used
2- the number of bottles/total production
3- the specific aging of months carried out
4- the exact date of disgorgement

It is part of our commitment to quality, transparency and limited and handmade production.