naturally jovani


'Another way of seeing the world'

Passion is what moves us, what makes us work hard every day, what makes us want to share our cavas with the whole world. It is our way of life and we want to preserve what we love.

  1. The land is our home : we must take care of it and respect it. Therefore, we only work with sustainable and ecological practices.
  2. Quality begins in the vineyard and to make good cavas, you have to start with the best grapes, and to get the best grapes, you have to pamper the vines.
  3. Less is more. Or as we say here at the winery: the grapes get their share, and the wine too!
  4. Innovation at the service of tradition. Technology is fine but we do not forget what we have learned from those generations of winegrowers and winemakers who have taught us so much.
  5. Patience is key: we seek quality and bet on long aging. And if we feel like it, we open the first vintages we made that are even better today.
  6. Each bottle is a story, a landscape, a little piece of our land, so don't be surprised if you feel transported to another place when you drink it.
  7. Honesty comes first. We are not going to deceive you with impossible promises, but we guarantee that our cavas are made with all the love in the world.
  8. Teamwork: We are all one, a team united by the love of cava and the passion for our trade.
  9. Drinking bubbles is a pleasure: Each of our cavas is created with the intention of transmitting the passion and work behind it, but also with the consumer's enjoyment in mind.
  10. We love receiving visitors: we want you to feel at home, we will receive you with open arms, a smile on your face and a glass of cava in hand. Cheers and bubbles!