Our work philosophy goes beyond the field

We understand sustainability as a work philosophy that goes beyond the field and applying ecological criteria in the vineyard. It is our way of life, inside and outside the winery. For this reason, we try to apply eco-sustainable criteria in everything we do and offset any environmental impact.

naturally jovani
Organic production of all our cavas.
In the field we only work with certified sustainable and ecological practices, with rigorous respect for the soil, plants and the environment.
naturally jovani
Rationalize the use of oenological and phytosanitary products.
We apply common sense in treatment management. Only if it is necessary.
naturally jovani
Use of eco-energies.
We installed solar panels in the cellar and thermal insulation doors in the cellar to maintain the natural underground (geothermal) temperature.
naturally jovani
Responsible management of water and energy.
We work without irrigation and exercise responsible consumption.
naturally jovani
Pruning of respect and use of the sarmiento.
Use of pruning branches as vine biostimulants.
naturally jovani
Reduction of waste and emissions.
We apply improvements in processes and use of clean technologies.